프리젠테이션 영어 표현 모음

1. 사회자에 대한 예의(Expressing Thanks to a Chairperson)
Thank you.
(very much)
Mr. Chairman
Madam Chairwoman
Mr. Thomas
For your
Kind introduction
Gracious introduction
2. 서두의 인사(Greeting and Signaling the Start)
Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
Ladies and gentlemen
3. 도입부(Introduction)
Id like to introduce myself
Let me introduce myself
Im Hiroshi Tanaka
My name is Bill Smith
(and) Im from/with XYZ Co., LTD
Of XYZ Co., Ltd.
4.환영의 말(Welcome)
Im honored
Im pleased
To be here
To give this
To have opportunity to speak with you
To day
To night
Thank you
For coming here
For attending the
This morning
5. 배경설명(Setting the Scene)
To be concise
To put it briefly
To put it simply
In short
In a sentence
In a nutshell
Sales and profits are down
6. 프리젠테이션 목적(Expressing purpose)
Im here today
My purpose today is
Today, I want
My objective tonight is
My main aim this morning is
My goal this afternoon is
To help you get started
7. 로드 맵(Road Map)
To begin with
To start with
Id like to look at past performance.
I want to analyze current sales.
Im going to present some options.
I shall be recommending a new strategy.
After this(that)
8. 주제로 들어감(Introducing Topics)
(To begin)
Id like to
I want to
Im going to
I shall
This years sales.
The data
I shall be
Im going to be
Looking at
Let me begin by
Let me move on by
Id like to go on by
Going over
Recommending possible solution
9. 의견 발표(Expressing opinions)
We believe
We think
It is our view
My opinion is
I would say
It seems to us
We feel
We tend to feel
It is considered opinion
Your prices are too high.
10. 발표 진행, 되돌아 보기(Moving On and Looking back)
Lets now move on to
I(now)want to go on to
Id(now)like to go on to
This brings me to
This brings us up to
The financial aspects of the problem.
The losses were due to the strike
But I shall come to this later.
Lets look back for a moment to
Lets go back to
Id like to return to
My first diagram
As I said before
As stated before
As stated previously
The situation is serious.
11. 삭제와 승인(Elimination Alternatives)
We rule out
We have decided against
We reject
Options A
Because of the marginal
Saving it would give us.
We accept
We have chosen
We have selected
We have decided to adopt
Options B
Because of the clear benefits
It would give us.
12. 권유(Making Recommendations)
We recommend
We would recommend
We urge
An increase in
This years dividend
We think you should
You ought to
It is recommended you
13. 주제이외의 이야기(Digressing)
Let me digress here
Let me digress here
For a moments.
Id just like to mention in passing
That demand is rising in other areas.
In passing an another matter
One could say it could
be said
Let me get back to
Let me return to
My main point.
What I was saying.
14. 판단의 근거(Justifying Decisions)
Because of
Owing to
Since there is
As a result of
Due to
A rise in demand
We have increased output
Demand is up
For this reason
We have increased output
We have increased output
The reason for this is
A rise in demand.
We have increase output
Because of
15. 비쥬얼의 선택(Choosing Visuals)
Id like you to look at
Please look at
Have a look at
Let me show you
This diagram
This graph
This bar chart
This pie chart
This matrix
This table
This figure
This map
This model
You can see..
You will notice..
If you look at
16. 비주얼 보는 법의 제시(Naming Parts of Visuals)
The vertical axis
The horizontal axis
The curve
The solid line
The broken line
The dotted line
Stands for
Unit cost
The shaded
The unshaded
The dotted
17. 비주얼 의 설명(Explaining Visuals)
Moved erratically
Rose slightly
Fell gradually
Declined gently
Move up steadily
Recovered sharply
Dropped suddenly
Plunged quickly
Increased rapidly
Fell dramatically
Reached a peak
In June
In the final quarries of last
In 1994
After this
Following this
Profit leveled off.
Sales flattened out.
At the beginning of
In the middle of
At the end of
In the first quarter of
This year
Last year
Since then
Since the last quarter
Sales have flattened out.
18. 요약(Summing up)
To sum up then
To summarize
Let me now sum up
Let me now just recap
We must reduce our production costs and become move market-oriented.
We should increase R&D. and introduce new products.
19. 결론 (Concluding)
Id like to conclude
Let me and
Id like to finish
In conclusion
By saying(that)
By reminding you
May I remind you(that)
Id like to say
Time is short and action is necessary.
We need to take some kind of action soon.
Its necessary to do something about this now
20. 질의 응답(Closing the presentation/Organizing the Qs & As session)
Thank you very much
For your attention
Ill take any questions.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
You no doubt have many questions
Im sure you have many questions.
Any more questions ladies and gentlemen?
Are there any(more) questions, ladies and gentlemen?
21. 질문을 받았을 때(Signaling an answer)
Thats an interesting question
Its a good question
If I understood you correctly you asked
Your question was
Thats a good point
22. 질문의 의도(Clarifying a question)
Do you mean
By that, did you mean
What do you mean exactly by
Let me see if I understood the intent of you question
Let me see if I understood correctly
Would you rephrase the question please?
Im sorry, could you repeat that?
Im sorry, could you rephrase that?
23. 단락 짓기(Breaking off)
OK We can discuss this later.
In a nutshell
I really dont think its for me to comment.
Im not in a position to say.
24. 마무리(Final)
Perhaps we should close here.
Unless there are any more questions.
Perhaps on that note we should end.
At this point. I think we should conclude this meeting.
Thank you
Very much (for your attention).

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